What Is An Orbera Balloon?

An orbera balloon will be more familiarly known as a gastric balloon. Other references to the orbera balloon in Mount Pleasant are the intragastric and stomach balloon. The balloon itself is a medical device. It is placed temporarily in the stomach. It is used to help obese or extremely overweight male and female patients to lose weight. It can also be used to encourage weight loss as a last resort. The last resort is reached when the traditional and healthier methodologies of dieting and exercising have failed.

It is used too when surgery is not desired by the patient, nor recommended by the presiding medical practitioner. The orbera balloon is basically an alternative to the specialist practice of bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery. Patients with a body mass index lower than 35 never need to go in for this form of surgery because they could conceivably and easily restore tjeir healthy weight levels through healthy, conventional means.

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That is to say that they will be able to diet and exercise. It is understood that grossly overweight or obese men and women will inevitably struggle tjeir way through such conventions. It might even be a risk to tjeir health. But when bariatric surgery is denied to the patient, it is usually motivated by risks in this area too. The use of the stomach balloon helps to suppress hunger and limits the amount of food eaten.

The balloon is place through endoscopic means. It will lie in the stomach for a period of up to six months. In some cases, the orbera balloon could be in the stomach for up to a year. After which, the balloon will most certainly be removed. Longer placements are ill-advised owing to the damage that could be done to stomach wall tissues.