The Color Of

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What is the color of joy? What is the color of sorrow? 'The Color Of' project is an attempt to objectively answer this question.

When you search for 'love', The Color Of grabs pictures from Instagram or Flickr tagged with 'love' and overlap them to produce an abstract image with one or two dominant colors. This then can be seen as the color of 'love'.

'The Color Of' has had over 300 000 visits and users since its creation in 2011, receiving a FWA Mobile in 2012

The Poverty Line

The Poverty Line Website

Commissioned by award-winning photographer Stefen Chow, I conceptualised and built a website to present his project on "What does it mean to be poor?"

More than just a gallery, the website allows the user to select his own journey by having different parameters to choose from. For example, you can compare the amount of fruits a poor person can buy from Germany and from France.

The Poverty Line was featured on BBC with the launch of the new website.

W Hotel - Spectrum

Project Website @ Multimedia People

In line with the innovative brand image of W hotel, I was asked to create a permanent media art piece for its wall situated at its entrance.

I designed and developed an overall particle system according to its physical dimensions with many parameters on a user interface.

The parameters were then tweaked with the optimal ones being recorded. These serve as points of reference for systems of animation which can generate different results all the time.


I was the lead programmer for Caption, an interactive art installation for the Night Festival 2013 at Singapore Art Museum

Conceptualised by Mariel Sayuno, Pei-wen Fang, and Minjung Kim from Tisch School of the Arts, I was commissioned to lead the development of the installation which involves hacking the Kinect, realtime communication between two computers via OSC as well as interfacing with printers.

With the help of Lim Shu Min, a fellow creative coder, the software was developed, tested and ready within 3 weeks.

Touchstones URA

Project Website @ Multimedia People

Developed several generative animation systems to tell the different stories of Urban Planning.

Touchstones is a touchscreen installation in Gallery One at the Urban Redevelopment Authority building in Singapore. I coded the entire program housing five animation systems according to the designs of a fellow designer.

Touchstones is developed with Multimedia People

Bottle Bloom

In conjunction with Singaplural, one of the largest design events in Singapore, I was commissioned to create an installation in Dhoby Ghaut Green, a prime city location.

Operating under the theme of upcycling, I designed and produced a series of 5 chandeliers that has modular and connected 3D printed pieces as their core.

These pieces are at the same time screw cap mechanisms such that common water bottles can be attached to it.

Fluid Vase

Supabold Website

Action Becomes Object. The action of pouring water into a vase becomes the vase itself.

The Fluid Vase project is inspired by the inherent advantages of 3D printing, Here, the story is conveyed by the customization interface, which eventually results in a physical object.

Fluid Vase has been featured in international publications and design blogs all over the world.

WeatherLah Data

A visualisation exercise, with data from the popular buUuk WeatherLah app, in the first UP Singapore Hackathon, in collaboration with LASALLE College of the Arts

I was part of the team behind this project, led by Andreas Schlegel from LASALLE. This was used to demonstrate the power of data visualisation and how it can facilitate meaningful explorations of datasets, during the UP Singapore Hackathon.

Ways to Draw a Crocodile

Dope's coverage of the event

From the styles of old pixel art to stimulation systems, various digital systems to draw the Lacoste crocodile were created to reinforce Lacoste's image of innovation.

Produced for launch of Lacoste L.12.12: Lacoste In Motion, at an old factory building at Kim Yam Road in Singapore.

Commissioned by Lacoste and Kult3D.

Music: Synergistic Effect by morgantj

UP Singapore


I designed the UP Singapore brand from scratch, from the logo to the website, and documented the art direction to guide future updates.

UP stands for Urban Prototyping and has a positive message. It organises hackathons to produce urban solutions with the use of data. The logo and website is designed to communicate these nuances and functions.

Work done with Newton Circus.

Coca Cola -
Every Bottle Has A Story

Japan's Version

To showcase Coca Cola's videos on their efforts in sustainability, on a single platform in line with the branding of EBHAS.

I dictated and documented the general direction of design, layout and interaction flow, to be adapted and launched by their local agencies in 7 different countries. Coca Cola Japan is the first one
to do so.

Work done with Newton Circus.

Tucker Medical


I redesigned the website of Tucker Medical to embrace social media, complementing Dr Tucker's vision of future medical practices with a friendly, modern look.

The project started with a product design methodology where we visited Tucker Medical to experience his practice. With a better understanding, we defined the framework to communicate his ideas and expand his reach.

Work done with Newton Circus.